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The Spa, well-being at home

The spa, commonly called a jacuzzi, is balneotherapy equipment with nozzles. These allow water and / or air jets to be emitted, depending on the model chosen. Depending on the intensity and type of jet chosen, it is possible to benefit from an invigorating or relaxing massaging effect. It is, in a way, a place of relaxation that is today, can be installed both indoors and outdoors, for the well-being of each member of the family. The choice of the model to choose will be made on the basis of the desires and financial capacity of each owner. For example, for a hot-cold effect, it is advisable to install your jacuzzi outside. For a cozy nest effect, indoor installation is recommended. In any case, buying-a-spa is a decision to be carefully considered before any realization.

How to use a spa?

Bathing water in a spa should normally be kept around 37 ° C. This is the ideal temperature for enjoying the main benefits of water on the human body. It should be remembered that this balneotherapy equipment is available in many capacities according to the needs of the user. There are thus models with one place, and others with a greater capacity going even up to 7 places or more, in sitting or lying position. In a lying spa, it is recommended for each user to alternate the places one by one for an equal average time for each occupation, in order to benefit from an optimal massage. For each use, be aware that it is advisable not to stay more than half an hour in the bathing water to protect the health of the user. Beyond this period, it could be that instead of well-being, the bather will have impaired health. He may even have attacks of drowsiness, hyperthermia, etc. It is generally recommended to first take a bath before bathing in a spa. This is necessary to remove all makeup residue and other dirt on the skin. These could clog the spa pipes and therefore hinder its proper functioning and therefore its performance.

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