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What are the relaxing accessories for whirlpool bathtubs

The whirlpool baths are synonymous with relaxation and absolute comfort. Carefully integrated into the interior space, they allow you to have a very pleasant time so that you no longer think of everyday stress but of yourself. These selfish moments can be embellished with various types of spa bath accessories such as chromotherapy, aromatherapy, sound effects or comfort elements.

Let yourself be enchanted by the essences diffused in your water room thanks to the integrated diffuser on the whirlpool baths with aromatherapy option. You thus benefit from the benefits of balneotherapy and the power of essential oils. You bathe in a cocoon of scents promoting relaxation, gentle breathing and relaxation. Treat yourself to an aromatherapy cure in your shower without leaving your home. In order to benefit from an exemplary feeling of well-being, music therapy can help you escape even further.

Music therapy for intense relaxation

Soft music, the sounds of nature such as the slow flowing of water, the gentle song of birds, the sound of the wind, are elements that allow us to transport us elsewhere and not to think about the present moment.

In order to take advantage of these moments of relaxation, some jacuzi tubs are equipped with loudspeakers and sound programs. They allow you to play music or sounds that promote relaxation and relaxation. In addition, depending on the model, you have the option of adding the “music” option to your balneotherapy system.

All you have to do is lie down comfortably in order to make the most of your moment of relaxation, in particular thanks to the various additional accessories on offer and to make the most of the relaxing benefits of the spa bath.

Cushions, storage: the practical aspects of the spa bath, a large number of accessories are offered by manufacturers of whirlpool tubs. Among them, we can cite the balneotherapy cushions to rest your head in a comfortable way or the various storage options available as an extra.

Beauty and nature

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